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Marijuana Prices Are Dropping, So Why Aren’t Edible Prices?

Anyone who shopped at dispensaries last year likely noted that marijuana prices were dropping, with flower going as low as $15 an eighth and concentrates like shatter and wax selling for $10 or $12 per gram.

So why didn’t edibles get cheaper, too?

With wholesale marijuana prices dropping almost 40 percent from the end of 2017 to late 2018 in Colorado, consumers who like joints or dabbing concentrates enjoyed cheaper dispensary visits. But those who prefer edibles didn’t reap the same benefits.

According to dispensary sales tracker BDS Analytics, the prices of flower and concentrates dropped 20 percent and 7 percent, respectively, from the beginning of 2018 through October, yet the price of edibles actually rose about a half a percent.

“When we look at the trends behind this, since 2014 we’ve had a lot of tech improvements as well as developmental efficiencies that have driven down the prices of cultivation and, to some extent, extraction,” explains BDS vice president of operations Greg Shoenfeld. “That trickle-down is much slower to arrive for the edibles category, in part because it’s a multiple-stage process. The flower has to be cultivated, then it has to be extracted, and then that to be infused with foods and packaged.” [Read more at Westword]

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