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Brought to you by CBE Press LLC, our e-mail newsletters are designed to keep readers updated and informed about breaking industry news and information that helps them run their cannabis businesses more effectively and efficiently. Sponsored Newsletters and Product & Service announcements include:

CBE Week: (Distributed every Tuesday & Wednesday)

CBE’s editors select the top industry news stories each week as well as articles from contributing experts concerning industry best practices, policy and legal issues, banking, finance, cultivation, processing, retail management, lab testing etc.

CBE Policy and Legal Update (Distributed every Thursday & Friday): As the regulatory environment and landscape develops in the Cannabis Industry, CBE’s editors and contributors provide weekly updates policy and regulatory insights on how local, state and federal laws and trends effect or provide opportunity to your business.

CBE Breaking News

CBE Product and Service Announcements

Sponsored Co-Branded E-mail Blasts: Includes news about the latest products and services being brought to the market by ancillary businesses to meet your business needs.

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