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Argus Controls Enters Strategic Alliances with New Partners


January 10, 2018 (Surrey, Canada). Argus Control Systems Ltd. (“Argus”, a Conviron company) communicated today its recent development of strategic alliances with key partners that will extend its ability to provide environmental controls and nutrient management systems to the commercial horticultural industry, including the legal cannabis production markets in Canada and the US.  Combined with its existing resellers, Argus Controls further strengthens its ability to serve clients who seek the most advanced control solutions for indoor and greenhouse growing in North America and key markets around the world.

Based in Petaluma, CA, Hydrofarm ( is independently owned and is one of the nation’s leading wholesalers and manufacturers of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, including high-intensity grow lights, climate control solutions, and growing media. With an emphasis on excellent customer service, Hydrofarm has nine distribution centers across North America to best serve the growing needs of its customers.  Peter Wardenburg, Hydrofarm CEO, stated: “Argus and Hydrofarm are aligned in our deep horticultural history and passion for technological advancement. Together with Argus Controls, we are able to provide clients with a customized controls solution that will enable them to achieve their goals.”

Based in Canada and serving clients throughout North America, Inhuis Contrived Inc. ( is a global solutions provider for the cannabis market. Inhuis draws on the leading companies in the industry, like Conviron and Argus, to provide indoor and greenhouse structures, growing rooms, climate controls, benching, supplemental lighting, irrigation, and automation. Inhuis provides clients with a one-stop option, from the design stages, through the construction and building to handing over the keys. Ron Berkout, President of Inhuis stated: “Our turnkey approach to projects aligns perfectly with Conviron and Argus Controls, whose technologies for controlling growing environments lead the cannabis industry in terms of reliability, uniformity, precision and control.  Working together allows InHuis to provide even more complete solutions to our clients”.

The CannaPro Group designs and builds premium indoor cannabis facilities and light deprivation greenhouses for growing high-yielding, healthy cannabis crops. With offices located in Canada, USA and Europe, CannaPro provides its clients around the world with decades of professional horticultural experience in the integration of tried and true cultivation methods mixed with the perfect dose of cutting-edge technology.  George Dickinson, President and CEO of CannaPro stated: “Our clients come to us for custom solutions that meet their specific requirements.  Together, Conviron and Argus Controls uniquely offer control solutions with a full range of grow rooms that can be customized for each facility and modified as growing strategies evolve or the facility expands over time.”

Steve Kroft, President and CEO of Conviron, looks forward to the new additions to the network, commenting: “The relationships we build with our clients and our partners are the most critical aspect to our business.  We are excited to work with our new team members and we look forward to the growth in our businesses together.”  Michael Heaven, Vice President and General Manager of Argus added: “We are committed to bringing innovation in controls and data-driven decision-making to the cannabis and commercial horticulture.  Aligning with experts in the industry, including Hydrofarm, InHuis and CannaPro, strengthens our ability to support our clients in achieving their objectives”.

About Argus Controls

Based in Surrey, BC, Canada, Argus is the North American leader in the design and supply of advanced automated monitoring and control systems for the commercial horticulture, biotechnology and plant research industries.  Its clients include universities, agriculture biotech companies, government agencies and a full range of commercial growers.  Argus Controls is owned by Conviron, the world’s largest designer and supplier of plant growth chambers and rooms used by clients around the globe working on plant-based solutions to the challenges of food security, environmental protection and human health.


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Michael Heaven, VP and General Manager

Argus Controls

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P (604) 538-3531 or (800) 667-2090

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