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Using IP to Build Value in Early-Stage Cannabis Companies

Date: October 22, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: FREE Previously recorded WEBCAST - Register to attend

About the Event:

The Cannabusiness Key is a free, monthly, web-based speaker series featuring some of the foremost thought leaders in both the marijuana and hemp industries. Started in 2016, the Cannabusiness Key has brought together dozens of interesting speakers exploring a wide range of topics that are relevant and timely for cannabis operators, owners, and investors alike.

Using IP to Build Value in Early-Stage Cannabis Companies

Dr. Steven Colby will join your host Jason Klein to discuss how patents can be used as a value multiplier in start-up cannabis businesses. The added value that patents can provide will be contrasted with a summary of the most common IP mistakes that can kill a growing company before it can get off the ground. Early-stage direct and ancillary cannabis industry companies with technology can learn more about the patent process and some useful tips on how to develop a patent portfolio that will be the foundation to the long-term growth.


Dr. Steve Colby | Partner @Rimon Law

Dr. Colby is a Partner at Rimon Law based out of the Menlo Park Office. As a former CTO and CEO who has lead venture backed companies, combined with his 20 years of practicing patent law, Dr. Colby is uniquely situated to advise early stage companies on the development of patent portfolios ranging from scientific instruments, manufacturing equipment, medical devices, software, and more.


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Jason Klein |Partner @Rimon Law

Jason Klein is a business attorney with a long track record of representing cannabis businesses, both marijuana and hemp, in tightly regulated markets. As one of the first lawyers on the East Coast to build a practice dedicated to the cannabis industry, Mr. Klein has a long track record of successfully navigating his clients through challenging regulatory and business operating environments amid uncertainty in new marketplaces.
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