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Effectively Navigating the Cannabis Real Estate Market in 2023

It is also important to note that for those currently, or seeking and in a position to, lease their properties to cannabis operators, establishing strong tenant relationships is imperative. Ensuring the success of these relationships starts right at the beginning with comprehensive lease agreements that do not leave any room for misinterpretation or dispute, and a thorough understanding of a leasing business’s pecific needs. Identifying and vetting qualified candidatesis also essential to ensuring successful leasing outcomes. As with identifying appropriate properties for acquisition or selling properties to Cannabis operators, engagement of an experienced and proven real estate partner that is well versed in the Cannabis industry can contribute to successful leasing outcomes as well as long-lasting, mutually beneficial lessor/lessee partnerships, and profitable exit strategies. With this in mind, we encourage youto reach out to our experienced team to discuss your current needs and challenges. We are here to help.

John Satter

John Satter

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