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Germans stage rally demanding legalization of cannabis

Hundreds of people joined the annual cannabis legalization protest in Germany’s capital Berlin on Saturday, days before the cabinet is due to discuss a draft law that will overturn a ban on the drug.

Police said between 500-600 people took part in the Hanfparade (Hemp Parade). The numbers were, however, about a third of last year’s 1,500 participants.

The parade started with a rally at the city’s Rotes Rathaus (Red town hall) and the protest route included the Unter den Linden boulevard, the government district and Alexanderplatz.

“Hemp is great for peace and climate,” was the motto of this year’s demonstration.

The Hemp Parade has been held annually since 1997. The purpose is to call on the government to liberalize laws on soft drugs such as marijuana and hashish, which are derived from the cannabis plant.

Parade organizers also advocate for easier access to medical cannabis and the widespread use of hemp, which is the same plant species as cannabis.

Germany set to ease drug laws

The government is planning to legalize cannabis, potentially allowing adults to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis and grow a maximum of three plants for personal use.

[Read more at DW]
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