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First Black-owned, legacy Detroit marijuana dispensary opens

More than four years after Detroiters overwhelmingly voted to approve recreational marijuana sales, the city’s first “legacy Detroit” Black-owned recreational marijuana dispensary opened Saturday as part of the city’s social equity program.

Nuggets Dispensary’s opening at 18270 Telegraph is the result of a 2018 ballot proposal that outlined a plan to “encourage participation in the marijuana industry by people from communities that have been disproportionately affected by marijuana prohibition and enforcement.”

“This doesn’t happen everywhere. Where you got African Americans, you got legacy Detroiters, you got disproportionately impacted communities by marijuana, and we ensured and fought to ensure that we were a part of this,” Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison said Saturday at the dispensary.

The City Council approved a revised recreational marijuana ordinance last April after a federal judge ruled that the city’s initial ordinance was “likely unconstitutional” because it showed too much preference toward legacy Detroiters. The new ordinance created two licensing tracks, one of which is for social equity.

Long-term Detroit residents who own at least 51% of an applying business can qualify to become “Detroit legacy” applicants. Low-income Detroiters and those who have prior convictions or whose parents have prior convictions relating to the sale, possession, use, cultivation, processing or transport of marijuana prior to 2018 can also qualify if they have lived in Detroit for over 13 and 10 years, respectively.

[Read more at The Detroit News]
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