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Nebraska lawmaker vows to introduce medical marijuana legalization bill in 2023

In the day after the latest attempt to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska failed, multiple new efforts were announced to accomplish the same goal.

State Sen. Jen Day of Omaha announced through a news release late Monday that she would introduce legislation to legalize medical marijuana in the next regular legislative session, which begins Jan. 4. The announcement came the same day two petitions to put medical marijuana legalization on the general election ballot failed to get enough verified signatures to qualify.

Two other efforts are also in the works. The initiative’s co-sponsor, Sen. Anna Wishart of Lincoln, confirmed Tuesday that she planned to introduce similar legislation next session, and the initiative’s manager, Crista Eggers, announced Monday in a campaign press release that work would begin toward getting the measure onto the 2024 ballot.

Day, who supported the campaign but was not an official sponsor, said the initiative not being on the November ballot will prevent many Nebraskans from accessing treatment for chronic pain and epileptic seizures. She said she plans to “exhaust every measure possible” to legalize medical marijuana.

“Special session? 2023 legislation? 2024 ballot initiative? Medical cannabis is coming to NE whether the ‘powers at be’ want it to or not,” Day said in a tweet Monday. “Every option will be used. Nebraskans deserve this and want it. Let’s go.”

[Read more at Omaha News-Herald]
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