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Consumers say Massachusetts weed stinks — and not in a good way

Growers cite improvements but acknowledge state’s reputation for selling “schwag”

In interviews and social media posts, many said the marijuana here — all of which must be grown within the state — has gradually improved since recreational sales began in late 2018. But their overriding perception was a negative one, with most who responded to the Globe’s call for reviews saying the market remains riddled with mediocre or even defective flower sold at premium prices.

“People from other states don’t want our weed when they visit,” said Chandra Batra, a Cambridge resident who uses the drug to treat her fibromyalgia. “They think it’s a bad joke.”

Many of those interviewed complained it was difficult to spot low-quality pot before purchasing it because most flower comes prepackaged — an inconvenience exacerbated by COVID, which prompted many retailers to ban customers from sniffing and handling products at the counter. Several consumers said stores had refused to give them refunds even for marijuana that turned out to contain seeds or had other obvious flaws. They insist the onus should be on dispensaries to prove they offer better reliability and value than the illicit market, especially given the prevailing prices, which often start at $55 per eighth-ounce, plus a hefty tax. [Read More at The Boston Globe]

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