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2 years in, Utah’s cannabis program has accessibility issues

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Since 2020, the state’s medical cannabis program has seen substantial growth. An annual report last year found that the number of active cardholders more than tripled, and pharmacies in the state more than doubled.

But despite the expansion of the program, patients are having a difficult time accessing the medicine due to renewal and product costs, KUER-FM reported. Zachary King lives in Bountiful. Years ago, he was in a paintball accident that left him with chronic pain. He’s been a medical marijuana cardholder for almost two years now.

King pays out of pocket for his doctors’ appointments and medicine. He said it’s very expensive to access cannabis.

“It’s almost like we’re more incentivized to go back to our pharmaceuticals than to utilize the cannabis option because it’s just so much more affordable with the insurance and with all those other things,” King said.

That primarily has to do with a supply and demand issue. In Utah, due to state law, there are a certain number of allotted suppliers who are allowed to grow and sell marijuana in the state.

“I’m actually to the point where I have to decide whether I’m going to pay my mortgage or get my medicine,” he said. [Read More @]

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