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Growth Trends In CBD Beverages Driven By Demanding, “Conscious” Consumers


CHICAGO, IL, USA — A new market research report finds that consumers of CBD beverages care far more about issues such as sustainability than most adults, with 41% of CBD drinkers reporting a preference for sustainable brands compared to 21% of the general U.S. population aged 21 and over. Similarly, 40% of CBD beverage drinkers have a better opinion of socially conscious brands, while only 18% of the general population report the same. The report draws from a recent survey of over 35,000 U.S. adults of which over 4,000 are current CBD users, including over 1,200 consumers of non-alcoholic (NA) CBD drinks.

The findings also show more CBD consumers are turning to CBD drinks. An earlier study conducted by High Yield Insights, a cannabis consumer insights firm, found in Spring 2019 that 17% of CBD users drink beverages infused with CBD. The data shows 29% of CBD consumers now drink CBD beverages with some frequency in the latest study.

Among other results, the latest report found CBD drinks users are younger (62% being Gen Z or Millennials), affluent (33% having household income over $100,000), with most (60%) having just adopted CBD since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

“There’s no doubt that CBD beverages bring a new dynamism to the thriving wellness products market. But this is no longer just about functional ingredients and nutritional content; instead, shoppers are showing a clear preference for products that
align with the principles of conscious consumerism,” said Alexandra Curley, Senior Consultant of High Yield Insights. “The drinks brands that demonstrate thoughtfulness through packaging, production, and distribution are winning the hearts of consumers and putting people and the planet before profit.”

The report is the latest in a series from High Yield Insights leveraging survey results on the perception of CBD products from over 35,000 U.S. adults. Of those, nearly 4,200 participants identified as current CBD users gave detailed responses about how and why they currently use CBD, product and brand preferences, the importance of sustainability and social causes, and the drivers determining consumer choices in an increasingly crowded market of CBD products. The 2021 Cannabis Consumer Insights library includes trend-specific reports, such as “Newbies”, and category-level reports, such as Topicals, Supplements, and now Beverages.

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About High Yield Insights

High Yield Insights is a market research firm dedicated to challenging dated understandings of cannabis consumers and anticipating consumer trends fueled by the growing wave of legalization in the United States. Founded by executives with decades of combined experience working with consumer brands and retail, High Yield acts as a strategic partner to cannabis and mainstream brands seeking advanced, data-driven insights about the cannabis market of today and tomorrow.


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High Yield Insights
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