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The Dope Tutor Answers: What Is Expungement?

Despite shifts toward cannabis legalization, many Americans live with the burden of weed-related criminal records

By Andrew DeAngelo
Many thousands of people are serving time in American jails and prisons for cannabis offenses that today would not be considered crimes. And those who have already served their time must deal with the further injustice of having a permanent criminal record attached to their names for weed-related infractions. One way to alleviate this burden is through expungement—erasing these convictions from a person’s record. Although expungement as a concept covers more than just cannabis offenses, wiping the slate clean for those Americans whose offenses are no longer even considered crimes seems like common sense, right?

As we have experienced in the past several months, common sense does not seem to apply to the way in which we administer justice in this country. The U.S. criminal justice system is broken, especially for people who happen to be black or brown. When most people enter “the system,” they’re in a world beyond their control, thrown into an often torturous environment and cut off from work, money and family. They may not have resources to make bail before their trial starts or after it, during an appeal. [Read More @ Playboy]

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