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Nebraska medical marijuana supporters to try, try again

Whether by legislation or by initiative petition, supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana in Nebraska will try again in the next two years.

They will also partner with other advocacy groups to develop a medical marijuana scorecard so Nebraskans know where candidates and elected officials stand on the issue, and Sen. Anna Wishart plans to introduce a bill in the next session to put before the Legislature.

The group Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana collected 110% of required signatures — 182,000 — for the initiative, in spite of the COVID-19 pause in signature gathering. But Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner challenged Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen’s decision to put the issue on the ballot, arguing the question was confusing and created voter doubt, and that it violated the single subject requirement of a constitutional question.

The Nebraska Supreme Court said in a 5-2 ruling the ballot issue violated the single subject rule because its general subject and various other provisions lacked natural and necessary connection with each other. It determined, in fact, the proposal had eight subjects.

“With their ruling, the court has made less clear an already confusing single subject legal standard,” said Sen. Adam Morfeld, co-chairman of Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. [Read more at Lincoln Journal Star]

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