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Legalising cannabis in Aotearoa New Zealand: What does the evidence say?

The Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science (PMCSA) has released an accessible evidence summary today, titled ‘Legalising cannabis: What does the evidence say?’

Produced by a multidisciplinary expert panel, the internationally peer-reviewed summary is designed to support informed decision making in the upcoming cannabis referendum.

The panel was convened by the PMCSA, Professor Juliet Gerrard, and co-chaired by Professor Tracey McIntosh (Tūhoe), the Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Social Development.

The expert panel’s work arose from a request in 2019 from the Prime Minister.

The website does not tell readers how to vote, but rather guides them through the available evidence, with all its uncertainties and flaws.

Juliet says that, “The key question isn’t whether cannabis does harm – we know it does for some users, but not for others. This is true whether we legalise it or not. Rather the vote asks us to decide whether a legal regulated framework will increase or reduce cannabis-related harm.”

We recognise that the topic is complex and multifaceted, so it is important that people have trusted and accessible information on which to base their decision, says Tracey. [Read More @ Scoop Independent News] 

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