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Cannabis reform gets a public hearing

In the murky world of politics, social media and fake news, it is more important than ever to get the correct information out to the public. And as this year’s general election looms, it’s not just about ticking the candidate’s box we think will do the best job, but we also have to decide whether or not to legalise the use of recreational cannabis.

To give the public a better chance to understand the ramifications of their decision, the Environment, Justice and Peace Network (EJP) is holding a public forum to help voters with their choice.

“The aim of the forum is help people become better informed, not to tell them which box to tick,” says EJP member and forum convener, Ruth Smithies.

Ruth says as a network, EJP has no position on the question of legalising recreational cannabis.

“I assume that among our members opinions differ — some in favour, some against. Our aim with the public forum is not to push a particular stance. What we do want, however, is that we, and every other voter, becomes well informed  — what are the advantages of legalisation, and what are its disadvantages?…” [Read more @ NZ Herald]

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