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Union Organizing In The Cannabis Industry: What Every Cannabis Employer Should Know About Labor Peace Agreements

As more states legalize medicinal and recreational cannabis, many states are requiring that cannabis employers enter into a “labor peace agreement” with a union in order to obtain or maintain a license to grow, manufacture, or dispense cannabis products. Several unions have seen this as an opportunity to add union members in a time when membership is in steep decline. But are they good for cannabis employers?

Cannabis employers must understand exactly what the laws are where the employer is operating and not just accept whatever LPA a union puts in front of them. Below, we explore this growing trend and the best practices for employers seeking to do business in these jurisdictions.

What is an LPA?

A labor peace agreement (LPA) is an agreement entered into between an employer and a union pursuant to which the employer agrees not to oppose unionization and the union (who is attempting to organize the workforce) agrees to not strike or otherwise stop work. The LPA does not guarantee unionization, but it very much increases the chances in these circumstances where the employer does not oppose or educate employees with its own message about unionization.

What, precisely, is required to with the LPA will depend upon the specific language of the governing state’s law.  [Read More @ JD Supra]

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