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Sales at Arizona marijuana dispensaries skyrocketed in March as coronavirus shutdown started

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t slow down growth in Arizona’s medical marijuana program, state figures show, with qualified patients buying more than a ton more marijuana in March than they did in February.

The 17,095 pounds of marijuana sold by medical-marijuana dispensaries in March was more than 2,200 pounds above what was sold in February, a jump of 15%.

The state’s medical marijuana program, estimated to be the third largest in the country, has grown by leaps and bounds for years. That didn’t change in March as businesses across the state shut down to prevent spreading coronavirus. It was in fact the highest monthly sales total in the history of the program.

Marijuana dispensaries remain open during the pandemic, though many have instituted a variety of safety measures including, in many cases, requiring patients to line up at least six feet from one another outside.

Many dispensaries already offered delivery options before the pandemic that remain available as well.

The monthly report from the Department of Health Services shows that Friday, March 13 had the highest number of transactions for the month, with more than 40,000 sales recorded that day. [Read more at]

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