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Michelman & Robinson, LLP Adds Industry Insider to its Robust Cannabis Practice


LOS ANGELES, CA – Michelman & Robinson, LLP’s already robust cannabis practice group has just made waves with the addition of Alex Freedman, former general counsel to the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation and L.A.’s Cannabis Regulation Commission, to its ranks. Freedman will be of counsel at the firm.

Having drafted L.A.’s cannabis licensing ordinances and regulations and guided the launch of the largest municipal commercial cannabis regulatory and licensing program in the world, Freedman has played a major role in the historic cannabis legalization movement in L.A. and has come to be recognized as one of the leading authorities on cannabis policy in California. That is the background and know-how he brings to M&R and its impressive roster of cannabis clients.

Along with his position with the firm, Freedman operates Freedman Strategic Consulting LLC—a non-legal consultancy company. In that capacity, he relies on the unparalleled experience gained as one of the key regulators of the largest cannabis market on the planet to help clients navigate the ever-changing cannabis regulatory landscape in L.A. and beyond. In particular, Freedman provides his clients the unique and nuanced advice only a former regulator can offer on the risks and opportunities in increasingly complex and fragmented licensed cannabis markets.

Dana Kravetz, who leads M&R’s cannabis practice group and serves as Firm Managing Partner, is thrilled about Freedman’s arrival at M&R. He says, “Alex brings to the firm a resume of achievement within the cannabis space that very few could ever replicate. Not many can say they carried a—if not thee—leading oar in creating the licensing and regulatory system in the world’s most influential city in terms of legalized cannabis. No doubt about it, this gives M&R a significant leg up as compared to other law firms advising cannabis-related companies, and will be a big selling point to our industry clients—present and future.”

For his part, Freedman—who also co-founded the cannabis section of the L.A. County Bar Association—calls M&R the ideal firm to call home. He adds, “I’m fortunate enough to have settled in with a group of lawyers that place a premium on cannabis industry expertise and providing top-shelf legal work to a crop of extraordinary clients. Dana has put together a great cannabis team, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. The icing on the cake is that my work with M&R meshes perfectly with the non-legal consultancy services I’m providing players in the cannabis business through Freedman Strategic Consulting. This a absolutely a win-win.”

Freedman can be contacted at [email protected].

About Michelman & Robinson, LLP

Michelman & Robinson, LLP is a national law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Orange County (California), San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. The firm represents clients in complex litigation, employment, transactional, regulatory, cybersecurity, privacy, real estate and tax matters in a range of industries, including Advertising & Digital Media, Banking & Financial Services, Cannabis, Entertainment, Hospitality, Insurance and Retail & Apparel. For more information, please visit

About Freedman Strategic Consulting LLC

Freedman Strategic Consulting LLC offers specialized regulatory solutions for businesses and investors in the cannabis industry. Founded by Alex Freedman, the former General Counsel to the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, FSC provides clients facing complicated regulatory issues and those looking to identify business opportunities in the highly complex licensed cannabis market with unparalleled expertise and perspective. For more information, please visit

For more information contact:

Paul Zimmerman                                           


(424) 365-6100

[email protected]


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