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10 Michigan communities will vote whether to ban or allow marijuana business

Municipalities across Michigan on Tuesday, Nov. 5, are expected to vote on whether to ban, allow or limit recreational marijuana business within their borders.

Michigan voters in November 2018, by a 56%-44% margin, voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana possession, personal use and businesses, such as retail stores, growers, testing facilities, transportation and processing operations.

While municipalities cannot limit individual use regarding the provisions in the law, including the ability to possess up to 10 ounces on their person and grow up to 12 plants, they are allowed to limit or ban commercial businesses within their community.

As of Friday, Nov. 1, more than 1,300 communities statewide had instituted bans on recreational business. Voter-led initiatives are attempting to overturn those bans, initiate new bans or create guidelines for allowing recreational business.

The law “allows all townships to initiate a petition drive related to adult-use cannabis proposals,” said Rick Thompson, a board member of Michigan’s National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). “Nearly all townships are prevented from doing so under normal circumstances …

“This was added to allow for citizens to have an unprecedented ability to express their will through the petitioning process.” [Read more at MLive]

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