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Florida Schools Finally Allow Students to Use Medical Marijuana on Campus

After decades of futile “Just Say No” policies, Florida school districts are implementing medical marijuana guidelines for students who have medical marijuana cards and need to medicate during school hours.

Contrary to the image of the stoner cutup in class, cannabis has shown promise as a treatment for ADHD. CBD has also been shown to be more effective than many pharmaceuticals to treat anxiety disorders. And cannabis has been used to treat many other conditions that can affect children, including epilepsy.

Nevertheless, it took almost three years for Miami-Dade County Public Schools to implement its policy after an overwhelming number of voters legalized medical marijuana in November 2016.

Smoking or vaping cannabis is still prohibited despite it being legal under the state’s medical marijuana law. Instead, students attending Miami-Dade public schools will be limited to “non-smokable/non-inhalable products such as oils, tinctures, edible products, or lotions that can be administered and fully absorbed in a short period of time.” The district implemented the policy September 4 to abide by state law.

The policy forbids school personnel from administrating the doses or storing the cannabis on school grounds, as is done with pharmaceuticals. [Read more at Miami News Times]

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