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Former Organa Brands Co-Founder Ralph Morgan Enters the Global CBD Marketplace


Teams up with a World Leading Medical Doctor, Published Author and CBD Expert, Dr. Dani Gordon, to Form Collective Hemp Brand, Announce and Unveil Cannabinoid Wellness Product Line

Birmingham, England — Ralph Morgan, former co-founder of Organa Brands which was recently acquired by SLANG Worldwide prior to SLANG’s initial public offering on the Canadian Securities Exchange valued at $500 million Canadian, today announced the formation of his new company Collective Hemp Brands.

With this move, Morgan effectively enters the global CBD natural products marketplace with a diverse product line set to debut this weekend, first in the United Kingdom with other countries to follow. Collective Hemp’s product portfolio will build upon the “house of brands” model that helped Organa earn the “Proctor and Gamble of cannabis” moniker. Organa, which sells a product every four seconds and enjoys distribution in 2,000 locations, was one of the first cannabis companies to successfully and fully scale product.

The foundation of Collective Hemp draws upon the traits that made Organa successful such as distribution, product development, regulatory compliance, supply chain economics, mass market retail, branding and marketing, and innovation.

Yet Morgan’s vision for Collective Hemp is to help consumers return to integrative medicine.

“This is the age of natural remedies and the era of CBD,” said Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Collective Hemp. “I traded the marijuana industry to get into cannabinoid therapies because I believe the new movement in healthcare is natural remedies. It is my goal to amass wide scale behavior change and help consumers reconnect with the cannabis plant, its cannabinoid properties, and a more natural wellness regime.”

The impetus behind Morgan’s vision is what spurred the company to partner with a leading global CBD expert and published author, Dr. Dani Gordon, of the UK. Dr. Dani is a double-board certified medical doctor and a recognized expert in cannabinoid medicine and CBD wellness. She will serve as a partner in the company as well as Collective Hemp’s Chief Medical Officer, responsible for formulating a product line and leading the company’s consumer education program while maintaining an independent medical practice.

“Patients are no longer completely relying on their general practitioners for wellness advice and want a more holistic approach to chronic health symptoms and stress-related issues that western medicine, drug-based approaches are not solving well,” said Dr. Dani. “I am formulating products based on botanical medicine and cannabinoid formulations that I have used for years with my patients in addition to my years spent researching cannabinoid medicine.” 

Tomorrow at the Hemp and CBD Expo in Birmingham (UK), the company will unveil its product lines which will feature daily CBD supplements, pet care, and skin and sun care. Pre-orders for all Collective Hemp product lines are now available to UK consumers via e-commerce with November availability. The company will also announce Dr. Dani’s SCINA range of clinical-grade custom formulated supplements and skin care, a co-developed product line.

Collective Hemp has proven in-country and regionally compliant export/import capabilities, GMP and/or ISO certified manufacturing facilities, and products channeled through legal distribution and retailers. Products will only be available to fully legal markets and all adhere to third-party testing.

The company has found early success in Germany, selling in 2,100 brick-and-mortar stores as part of a soft launch. In the United Kingdom, Collective Hemp was selected to be the exclusive CBD brand of Natural Trade Brokers due to its American designed yet ”EU-made and produced” model. 

Collective Hemp Brands

Collective Hemp Brands creates, produces, and delivers cannabinoid-infused wellness products to natural food market retailers with the ability to scale to mass market retail. Headquartered in Colorado, we focus on doing business in fully legal markets.


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