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5 Ways Technology Can Help Increase Employee Retention Within Your Cannabis Business

Are you having issues refilling the positions in your cannabis company? Does there seem to be lack of engagement among your employees? It might be time to implement certain technologies to improve retention within your workforce.

#1 Recruitment Management Software 

Recruitment software can bring added value to your company allowing you to match candidates with the required skills to jobs. This software does all of the “searching” by comparing and contrasting skills, goals, and background experience. Having this information immediately accessible means finding employees who will enjoy their work and stay with the company. 

#2 Communication Software

Telecommuting and flexibility keeps your employees at ease. If your business is geographically spread, or web-focused these types of software will increase efficiency. Applications like Slack and Zoom allow employees to collaborate with one another and accomplish tasks.

#3 Task Management Software

Increased integration is valuable to organizations for capturing the real-time flow of essential information. This “flow” of tasks allows employees, admins, etc. to gain immediate access to data which increases efficiency. Trello is a helpful project management tool to assign tasks to other members, add stakeholders to projects, and manage ongoing deadlines. No matter what size or industry your business is related to, task management applications will greatly enhance team productivity.

#4 Collaboration

Do all of your employees know the long term goals of your business? Creating a DropBox account with your organization’s road map will help employees understand what they need to get done in order to move into a successful route. Keeping files in the “cloud” will allow instant access for collaboration and input from team members across the board and help with clutter.  

 #5 Reduce inefficiencies in meetings

Meetings help develop organizational focus, but can be counterproductive by taking time away from actually getting the work done. Productivity will increase once making a clear agenda as to what needs to be accomplished. Applications like Google Calendar and Calendly can help creating meetings efficiently instead of sending e-mails back and forth.  

Why is this important to your company?  

Replacement of employees is more costly than some might expect. When replacing employees, there are expenditures from documentation, negotiations, and training which can quickly add up. It’s more cost-effective to maintain the same productive employees and build skills in the long-term. What are you waiting for? Get ahold of the tools that will help your cannabis business flourish.  

Jacques SantucciJacques Santucci

Jacques Santucci

Jacques Santucci, President of Opus Consulting (formerly Nucleus-One Consulting), a leading business performance management providing specialized management and growth strategies, assisting clients nationwide navigate the complex and evolving challenges of license acquisition, starting and operating a cannabis business, founded on the premise of sharing their experience and proven best practices, to define cannabis success at the intersection of finance, operations and strategy.

He is co-founder of Wellness Connection of Maine, the state’s largest group of medical marijuana dispensaries as well as Stage Cannabis. A cannabis entrepreneur for over 10 years, Jacques has played roles as founder, operator and advisor for several different cannabis companies throughout the United States, as well as founder of Stage Cannabis, a music-themed retail store and of Strimo, a business platform software for the cannabis industry.

Jacques can be reached at [email protected] or 207-619-1899

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