The governments of Japan, South Korea and China are warning their citizens to stay away from cannabis while they are in Canada, lest they damage their health or be faced with the possibility of repercussions at home.

On Monday, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto published a letter on their official website urging Chinese citizens and international students in particular to avoid consuming legal weed in Canada “to protect [their] physical and mental health.”

All possession, sale or growing of cannabis in China is illegal. Canada, on Oct. 17, legalized recreational marijuana, making it the largest country in the world to do so.

The letter published by the consulate went on to warn that Chinese citizens living in Canada who break cannabis laws — by selling pot to a minor, for example — could end up with a criminal record and face deportation.

China’s statement comes after the Japanese consulates in Vancouver and Toronto released statements earlier this month explaining that Japan’s Cannabis Control Act, which forbids all possession and use of cannabis, may apply to Japanese citizens anywhere in the world. [Read more at Vice]