Just over a month ago, Canada made history by passing the Cannabis Act. In doing so, it becomes the first industrialized nation in the world (and only the second country overall, behind Uruguay) to have passed legislation allowing adults to purchase marijuana. When the green flag waves on Oct. 17, it’ll open the door to perhaps $5 billion in added annual sales, once the Aside from Canada’s game-changing news, we’ve also witnessed eye-opening expansion in the United States. In January, Vermont became the first state to OK use of recreational cannabis entirely through the legislative process (i.e., without putting it to a vote by residents of the state). Meanwhile, red-leaning Oklahoma handily passed legislation recently that legalized medical marijuana.

This changing perception toward cannabis has been apparent practically everywhere you look. Within the U.S., Gallup’s October 2017 survey found that 64% of respondents want to see weed legalized nationally. Comparatively, only 25% of respondents felt this way in Gallup’s 1995 poll. Still, just two countries globally have legalized adult-use weed. [Read More @ Motley Fool]