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Why these marijuana edibles are prohibited by Michigan regulators

For state regulators, not all pot pies are created equal.

Fruit pies, like the All-American apple, beautiful blueberry and positively peach get the thumbs-up from the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs as confections that can carry the label of an acceptable medical marijuana-infused edible.

But pumpkin, banana cream and lemon meringue got the bum’s rush from regulators and dispensaries will be prohibited from offering the tasty desserts on their retail shelves.

As for snacks, chocolates, cookies, muffins and popcorn can be infused with marijuana and sold in dispensaries. But hummus, ice cream, cheesecake, focaccia-style breads and dairy products are out of bounds for the growing edibles industry.

The advisory issued this month by the state agency spells out what can and can’t be infused with marijuana and sold in dispensaries. The key word in the bulletin: refrigeration.

“A processor can only produce an edible marijuana product that does not require refrigeration for safety,” the bulletin read.

So, if it’s a product that can be stored on a shelf, like fruit jams and jellies in glass jars, dry herbs, coffee beans, popcorn, granola or those yummy cocoa-coated nuts, bring on the pot. [Read more at Detroit Free Press]

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