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6 Essential Items to Include on Your Cannabis Label
The more useful information you list, the more you empower the consumer and earn their trust.

One of the most challenging and thrilling facts about branding cannabis is that there is no clearly established standard. It was just a couple years ago now that packaging even became a relevant thought to a manufacturer. Before then, cannabis wasn’t a product displayed on shelves at cannabis dispensaries and retail stores, it was passed off between hands in a bag without a label.

What we’ve discovered through the years is that packaging for this industry is a sensitive balance between aesthetic appeal, consumer education, safety, and progressive transparency.

My career in branding cannabis has been an interesting evolution of staying current with new state regulations and investing heavily in tracking the evolution of the consumer and, almost equally important, the budtender. What do they know? What do we need to teach them? How can we ensure the product is consumed properly?  These are all concerns the public have and problems that our clients come to us with. We are in a unique position where laws dictate how we brand and data dictates design!

Before your pen even hits the sketchpad, you need to know what to leave room for and incorporate into your design.  [Read More @]
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