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Professional Hockey Players Invest in Cannabis-Based Medical Solution


GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists Aligns With NY-Based CB1 Capital Management

TORONTO and NEW YORK, July 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists, a wealth management and advisory firm for NHL athletes is teaming up with CB1 Capital Management, LLC. CB1 invests in the supply chain of cannabinoid-based wellness solutions, products and therapies that address a wide range of unmet medical conditions and use-cases.

“Professional athletes understand the conundrum of modern-medicine,” stated Todd Harrison, Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of CB1 Capital Management.  “Cannabinoid wellness has shown tremendous promise in addressing indications ranging from pain relief to traumatic brain injury (TBI) without the adverse effect profile of conventional treatments.”

GAVIN’s first-hand knowledge of professional sports creates a strong alignment with the focus of CB1 Capital Management.

“As a former player, I am very familiar with the solutions that are used to address aches, pains and injuries.  Accordingly, we also understand the need for novel and progressive medical treatments,” said Stew Gavin, President of GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists.  “We believe this is an opportunity to support the research and development for these therapies and to align the best interests of our clients and investors with potentially safer and more efficacious solutions for professional hockey players.”

A seven-year study published in 2011 by the Canadian Medical Association Journal tallied a total of 559 concussions over seven NHL regular seasons; that’s 4.6 to 7.7 concussions per 100 NHL players per season.  Those numbers are tame compared to American football; a 2017 study found that 99% of studied NFL brains were diagnosed with CTE.

CB1 Capital Management does not touch the cannabis plant.  Investment verticals include cultivation & dispensaries, biopharmaceutical applications, GMP compliant labs, industrial hemp & farming, extraction & nutraceuticals, pet foods & supplements, and more.


Based in Toronto, Gavin Management Group, Inc. (“GAVIN”) is an SEC registered investment adviser.  Through its planned-approach to financial independence, GAVIN has been working to create and sustain long-term financial success for professional hockey players since 2003.  Please visit for more information.


Based in Port Washington, NY, CB1 Capital Management, LLC is an investment adviser that invests in securities of public companies in the cannabinoid-wellness space.


This material is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute a personal recommendation by GAVIN and/or CB1 to you. Nothing contained in this release is intended as a solicitation to invest.


Matthew Bacchiochi
[email protected]

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