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Marijuana milestone as Mass. issues first recreational pot license

The recreational marijuana era is officially underway in Massachusetts.

Officials at the Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday afternoon granted the state’s first-ever recreational marijuana license to a cultivation facility in Milford operated by Sira Naturals.

The unanimous decision by the agency’s five commissioners is a major milestone in the long process of implementing the state’s commercial marijuana market, which voters approved in a November 2016 ballot referendum.

And, with a target date of July 1 for the opening of commercial sales, the commission hopes to vote on several license applications each week, setting up a steady if deliberate rollout of recreational pot businesses.

“This is obviously a significant day in the commission’s journey thus far,” chairman Steve Hoffman said. But, he added, “I also want to stress that it’s a beginning, not the end. . . This is going to become a regular process.”

The license issued to Sira Naturals on Thursday is provisional; to win a final permit and begin operations, the company’s Milford facility must pass inspections and its principals must complete a background check that includes submitting their fingerprints. [Read More @ Boston Globe]

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