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These 5 States Are Not Making It Easy To Legalize Marijuana

While many states are standing in the way of marijuana legalization, they usually aren’t outright sabotaging efforts to do so. Even politicians who don’t support cannabis end up implementing the new laws if the voters want it. But some states will go to extreme lengths to prevent the voters’ will from becoming law.

Here are five states that outright sabotaged marijuana legalization efforts:


In 2016, it appeared that Missouri voters would be able to approve a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. However, the Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander and local election boards in the state threw out thousands of signatures as invalid, and killed the initiative.

A new initiative is collecting signatures in Missouri, and the group behind the effort says they plan to collect more than double the number that is required to prevent the same situation from occurring this year.


In 2016, Maine voters approved a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Throughout 2017, the state’s legislature worked on a proposal that would implement these laws and allow marijuana businesses. However, the state’s Governor Paul LePage vetoed the bill, and basically stated he would not sign any bill allowing recreational sales, despite the voters’ decision.

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