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This $20 Million Startup Was on the Road to Riches. Then Its Leader Started Talking to God

The inside story of Tradiv–a red-hot startup that collapsed amid bad decisions, allegations of sexual misconduct, and a co-founder’s psychedelic epiphany.

Aeron Sullivan and his girlfriend, Alana Bennett, were waiting for the LSD to kick in. It was February 2016, and they were in a remote part of Alaska, watching the skies, eager for the shimmering colors of aurora borealis to start dancing. Once the acid hit and their pupils went wide, an urgent question occurred to Sullivan: Who is leading the human race?

Sullivan had no answer. No one is in charge, and humans are just bumbling around, he thought. He and Bennett went inside their cabin, when something seemed to suck the air out of the room and a heavy pressure, like a doubling of gravity, weighed him down. He sensed a divine being had joined them.

He couldn’t see the entity, but he felt a mind-to-mind connection as it deposited what Sullivan describes as the wisdom of the universe into his mind. Sullivan asked the presence its name and it answered telepathically.

“Just like you are Aeron, just like she is Alana, just like you are a man and she is a woman, I am, I am,” Sullivan remembers the divine being saying. “I am the I am. I am who I am. I am who I will be; I am. [Read More @ INC]


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