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Wana Brands expands CBD product offerings with a flavorful addition for Colorado’s adult-use and medical marijuana markets



Strawberry Lemonade Gummies in 1:1 THC:CBD ratio offer even more options to leverage the power of cannabidiol

Boulder, Colo. (October 9, 2017) –  Wana Brands, Colorado’s No. 1 infused products manufacturer, has announced the addition of Strawberry Lemonade sour gummies 1:1 CBD:THC. The latest line extension provides customers the freedom to choose a more balanced experience and desired effect in the form of a discreet and refreshing gummie.

Wana Gummies are a potent, consistent Colorado favorite. The flavor bursting Strawberry Lemonade Gummies are made from an original artisan recipe, handcrafted and infused with tincture in the cooking process. The new 1:1 CBD:THC gummies are available in adult-use/recreational dispensaries offering 10 mg of CBD and 10 mg of THC per gummie, with 10 servings per container. Wana also offers a version for medical dispensaries, offering medical card (red card) holders 10 servings each containing 20 mg CBD and 20 mg THC per gummie.

“At Wana Brands, we’re always looking for ways to provide our customers with desired effects in the delicious flavors they crave,” said Nancy Whiteman, co-owner, Wana Brands. “Following the enormous success of our 10:1 Strawberry CBD gummies, Wana added a tasty 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade flavored gummie to the CBD collection. Wana becomes a special treat for those who are looking to indulge in a sweet and refreshing cannabis product discreetly.”

CBD, one of the most well-known and well-studied of the many cannabinoid molecules in cannabis, has been found to provide relief from symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, and muscle aches and spasms. When combined with equal parts THC, the two cannabinoids appear to work together synergistically to moderate overall effect. The 1:1 proportion has the potential to strike the perfect balance between the lift associated with THC and the therapeutic benefits associated with CBD.

Wana Brands is ranked the No. 1 edibles producer in sales revenues in the highly competitive Colorado market according to BDS Analytics, experiencing consistent month-over-month growth of market share in the incredibly competitive market. Wana Brands dominates, owning 20 percent of the Colorado market share, with the next closest competitor at 10 percent, according to BDS Analytics July 2017 brand share report. In addition to being available in nearly 85 percent of Oregon’s dispensaries, the company is also in two-thirds of Nevada dispensaries, and has a partnership in Arizona that will bring its product to that state in 2017. Additionally, Wana Brands will launch in 2018 in Maryland and Illinois, and is in discussion with potential partners in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and internationally in Canada. Wana Brand’s best-selling products include Wana Sour Gummies, Jewels and WanaCapsXR.

Wana Brands has invested in refining its proprietary edibles recipes so that the taste of the company’s delicious ingredients come through—not the taste of medicine—producing artisan level products that are infused–not sprayed—and have undergone rigorous internal and external testing to ensure precise dosage and consistency.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Shawna McGregor at 917-971-7852 or[email protected].


Wana Brands: Enhance Your Life. Wana Brands leads the Cannabis infused products industry in quality, consistency and potency.  Wana products include a full line of edibles, including our market leading gummies and WanaCapsXR, a family of extended release cannabis capsules that provide symptom relief for up to 12 hours. Wana Brands is the No. 1 ranked edibles brand in sales revenue in the highly competitive Colorado market according to BDS Analytics (July 2017 Brand Share Report).  Wana products are also available in Oregon and Nevada, and will be available in Arizona in 2017, with more markets readying for launch.  For more information, visit Follow Wana on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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