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EnviroGrow Announces Dan Williams as Chief Executive Officer


Dan Williams was recently hired as Chief Executive Officer of EnviroGrow, one of the cannabis industry’s foremost designers and fabricators of custom grow facilities including vegetative rooms, flower rooms, dry/cure rooms, and certified C1D1/D2 extraction labs.

EnviroGrow has put over $2 million into engineering of cannabis grow technology and development by utilizing some of the country’s leading engineering firms including Fuss & O’Neill and Plump Engineering.

Founded in 2012, EnviroGrow began as a modular buildout company using unique wall panel material made with washable mold resistant insulated galvanized panels to ensure the environmental stability of each room or area despite exterior climates. Seeing a need to further this technology, EnviroGrow expanded to develop rooms and labs optimized for maximum growth potential.

“What I found most interesting about EnviroGrow is the unquestionable amount of development they had put into the engineering of their grow rooms, areas, and labs setting them infinitely apart from other companies out there. I have seen hundreds of new facilities spend months on design, research, and so-called industry experts just to find out they could have done it better and cheaper once completed. EnviroGrow takes all the guess-work out of it,“ Williams states.

Dan’s first order of business was a re-branding and marketing campaign, including a full redesign of their web site to showcase EnviroGrow’s research and development through product videos, FAQ’s, and testimonials.

EnviroGrow has administrative offices in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a 60,000 square foot warehouse in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where all rooms, including second mezzanine levels, are prefabricated to the specific design and layout of each client facility then crated and shipped directly to their clients anywhere in the country.

“The trend in cannabis is large-scale facilities from 10,000 to 200,000 square feet as states are giving out a limited amount of cultivator licenses. I believe EnviroGrow is perfectly positioned to meet this need as our product provides new cannabis businesses with a solution to the biggest barriers to market: speed to market, optimum grow performance technologies, and competitive pricing keeping their projects within budget and without overage.”

Williams was the founder and CEO of Canna Security America (CSA), a publicly traded company, from 2009 to 2016. He wrote the Colorado security regulations for the Colorado Department of Revenue in 2009 and expanded CSA’s services to 15 states with over 500 facilities installed.

“Dan is the perfect fit for EnviroGrow,” states Joe Palmieri, EnviroGrow’s founder and Chairman. “His industry knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and comes at the perfect time to greater broaden EnviroGrow’s service offering to the expanding cannabis market which we believe is unparalleled.”

EnviroGrow has created a referral partner program for approved tertiary service providers, and encourages new and established cannabis businesses to contact them for more information.

Williams invites all previous EnviroGrow clients, potential clients, and new cannabis owners to visit their web site for more information and to contact EnviroGrow regarding its broad range of services.

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