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California Is Growing Far More Marijuana Than It Smokes

People who closely follow the the cannabis industry have had a good laugh lately at headlines like “Marijuana Shortage Prompts Emergency In Nevada.” But you’ll be none too surprised to hear that California finds itself having exactly the opposite problem. California is growing far more marijuana than it actually consumes, the head of the California Growers Association says. To put numbers on it, the growers warn that the Acapulco Gold-en State is growing 14 to 16 million tons of marijuana annually, but consuming only one and a half or two million tons of the sticky-icky.

If you would be amused by the sight of CBS 5 policy wonk Melissa Caen surrounded by big-ass marijuana plants, then the above video is for you. Caen spoke with California Growers Association executive director Hezekiah Allen, who said the 800 percent marijuana surplus is going to require legal growers to run far tighter ships with regards to their inventory and documentation.

“In the past, when a product left the farm there’s a really good chance the grower had no idea where it was going,” Allen said. “But in the future, every single license holder is going to need to know exactly where every gram of product is ending up and so conditions are going to change very quickly.” [Read more at]

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  1. Someone should check they’re math, if CA with 39.25mil people is consuming 1.5mil tons than that means each resident consumes 76lbs a year.
    Also there is no way CA growers are currently producing 32 billion lbs a year.
    Hopefully CBE’s other stories are more accurate than this one.

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