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Colorado Harvest Company is a Founding Sponsor of Denver’s New 7,500-Seat Concert Venue Colorado Harvest Company

DENVER, July 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When the new Levitt Pavilion Denver opens its doors atop Ruby Hill Park with a free concert on July 20, leaders of Colorado Harvest Company will realize a lofty goal its owners set for themselves in 2009 when they first opened their legal cannabis businesses: To be in a position to give back to their loyal customers who voted for legal cannabis.

Colorado Harvest Company, which operates three vertically integrated dispensaries, was the first to donate to the capital campaign, a pledge that jump-started the fundraising process.

“We knew immediately this was a great fit for us,” Tim Cullen, CEO of Colorado Harvest Company, said. “Ninety percent of our customers are local. They supported us and this is our gift back to them.”

Cullen represents Colorado Harvest Company on the Levitt Pavilion Board of Directors. Shoulder-to-shoulder with City of Denver officials and individual representatives of other charitable donors, they guide the programming for 50 free concerts (30 in 2017) and plan the future for the Levitt Pavilion’s gifts to the people of Denver.

Cullen will be present at the grand opening ceremonies, as he has supported other Levitt fundraising activities since 2014. Colorado Harvest Company’s presence will be almost invisible, however, due to Denver’s restrictions on outdoor advertising for cannabis companies. Cannabis will be among the national beverage and other corporate sponsors promoting their brands, but cannabis products will not be for sale.

“We want our neighbors to know we are saying thank you, just like we promised,” Cullen said. “And we have negotiated for some special events they will enjoy.”

Colorado Harvest Company will announce a new talent showcase that will offer a chance for local musicians to perform on the Levitt Pavilion Denver stage. In addition, plans are underway for a Harvest Moon Festival that will be produced every September for 10 years.

About Colorado Harvest Company

Colorado Harvest Company produces and sells its own naturally-grown cannabis for adult medicinal and recreational use. Colorado Harvest Company was the first to commission an independent economic impact study of its business and has since become an industry model for financial transparency. Dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality naturally-grown cannabis and courteous customer service, Colorado Harvest Company’s reputation represents the benefits of the legal cannabis movement. Tim Cullen, CEO, is one of Colorado’s most knowledgeable cannabis authorities by nature of his years of diverse industry experience; formal education and training; public efforts to support legal compliance; industry involvement; community philanthropy and thoughtful media commentary.

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