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Want Trump Impeached? Not If You Are a Cannabis Consumer

It’s safe to say that cannabis is more popular among liberals than conservatives. But President Trump is actually better for the cannabis industry than any of his Republican predecessors and may be better than Hillary Clinton would have been; she likely would have rescheduled pot to a Schedule 2, putting it squarely in the realm of pharmaceutical companies to exploit.

“My enemy’s enemy is my friend”. The Arthashastra

While the teetotalling Trump may not be the Cheech Marin on cannabis, he has repeatedly supported medical cannabis and we now have sufficient financial data to capture his attention.

Thanks to seed-to-sale tracking, governments have traceability and taxability data going back to 2010. We also have related and reliable statistics on murder, violent crime, and overall economic growth.

It may be true that we have an administration driven more by ideology than facts. But it is equally true that our leader is driven by an ideology of capitalism over government regulation. That can not necessarily be said of other members of the president’s cabinet.

The other amazing thing about the Trump administration is that not one gram of growth has decreased since his election. Investment is up. Sales are up. Business is blooming. In fact most people are more grateful than ever to be able to smoke a bowl before watching the nightly news.

So before you sign that petition to impeach our peach-colored chief, realize that scheduling cannabis to a Schedule 2 would not be in this plant’s highest good. Neither, for that matter, would be Mike Pence as president.

We may have dodged a bullet with Trump. We may have a government in such disarray in so many areas that the cannabis industry can quietly bloom without a whole lot of fuss. After all, that’s what weeds tend to do when left to their own devices.

Mark GoldfogelMark Goldfogel

Mark Goldfogel

Mark Goldfogel is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer, and speaker. He is credited with having first proposed “Seed to Sale Tracking” as a means of diversion control, taxation, and health and human safety to the State of Colorado. He co-founded the cannabis industry’s first compliance inventory control system and was a key advisor to The Fourth Corner Credit Union, a financial institution with a banking charter to support the “Hemp and Cannabis Movement.” He has advised States, non-industry companies wishing to enter the industry, and startup companies capitalizing on the opportunities and avoiding the potholes of the budding cannabis industries. For a free copy of his book, Smoking Something, The Cannabis Paradox10, (Amazon $24.20) please send an email to [email protected]

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