For starters, the dollar figures behind the legal cannabis industry are scorching hot. North American legal pot sales grew by 34% in 2016 to $6.9 billion, and according to Arcview, they could continue growing by between 25% and 30% annually through 2021. Investment firm Cowen & Co. is looking for growth to top 23% annually, resulting in $50 billion in legal sales by 2026.The public’s opinion of marijuana has shifted dramatically, too. In 1995, the year prior to California becoming the first state to legalize medical cannabis for compassionate use, only 25% of those surveyed by Gallup supported the idea of national legalization of marijuana. Last year, support jumped to 60%, an all-time high. As the public and lawmakers soften their stance on cannabis, the door opens just a bit wider for the businesses and investors waiting in the wings. [Read More @ The Motley Fool]