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LivWell Enlightened Health Receives 2016 Lighting Efficiency Achievement Award from Xcel Energy


Colorado’s leading cannabis company achieved the highest energy savings in a single lighting project in the state of Colorado last year

DENVER—April 12, 2017 — LivWell Enlightened Health, Colorado’s leading cannabis company, has won the Xcel Energy 2016 Lighting Efficiency Achievement Award. The award was given to LivWell Enlightened Health for achieving the highest energy savings in a single lighting project in the state of Colorado in 2016. Xcel Energy presents these awards annually to recognize and encourage its customers to work towards greater energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

“We are honored to receive this award from Xcel Energy, a first for the cannabis industry,” said John Lord, owner and CEO of LivWell Enlightened Health. “I could not be more proud of the hard work put in by our team to achieve greater energy efficiency in our cultivation operations. We aim to continue our leadership in this area and set a positive example for our industry peers.”

The award recognizes the company’s project to reduce electricity consumption in one of its primary cultivation facilities thanks in part to its expanded use of sophisticated LED lighting technology in place of more traditional energy-intensive lighting systems. With support from Fluence Bioengineering, LivWell Enlightened Health achieved an annual savings of 2,936,266 kilowatt-hours (kWh), or nearly 3 gigawatt hours (GWh). That is equivalent to roughly the same amount of electricity used to power 176 homes in a single year.

The award follows the company’s receipt of the first ever rebate issued by Xcel Energy to a cannabis company. The rebate, totaling nearly $50,000, was issued to LivWell Enlightened Health last year due to the significant reduction in electricity costs realized thanks to the company’s rollout of advanced lighting technology in its production facilities.


About LivWell Enlightened Health

LivWell Enlightened Health is among Colorado’s largest cannabis companies, with fourteen locations across the state. LivWell Enlightened Health provides its patients and customers with the best value, quality and variety of cannabis products including flower, topicals, tinctures, edibles, smoking accessories and more. LivWell Enlightened Health’s team of innovative farmers and scientists grow more than 40 strains of cannabis to meet the varied and evolving tastes of its customers. LivWell Enlightened Health’s searchable strain library can be found at LivWell Enlightened Health employees undergo rigorous training and education through LivWell University, preparing them to be the most knowledgeable, helpful budtenders in the industry, and to become advocates of responsible use. LivWell Enlightened Health employs approximately 600 Coloradans who enjoy higher-than-average salaries and benefits. For more information, including a list of LivWell Enlightened Health’s locations, visit


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Director of Marketing

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