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New Rules Will Allow 50% More Marijuana Dispensaries in Ohio

Sometime next year, Ohioans will be able to visit any of 60 medical marijuana shops open up to 14 hours a day.

They will be able to buy plant material to vaporize and inhale, plus marijuana-infused oils, tinctures, edibles and patches.

There are still some no-nos. Home delivery of pot will not be permitted, smoking and home-growing are not allowed, and your favorite local marijuana shop won’t be allowed to sell you a T-shirt.

But the Buckeye State’s foray into marijuana for medical purposes is well underway six months after the law took effect.

Revised rules for marijuana dispensaries were released Thursday by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy, including boosting the number of marijuana dispensaries to 60 from 40 as previously set. The number could even go higher because rules include a provision that further licenses to sell marijuana may be added based on “the state population, patient population, and geographic location.” The number still remains far below the 1,150 dispensaries that would have been permitted by a statewide marijuana ballot issue Ohio voters defeated in 2015. [Read more at the Columbus Dispatch]


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  1. Ohio HB523 currently promulgating rules, regs and statutes is far from moving along well. The stringent proposed rules have made it so stringent that a fair patient base doesn’t exist to handle the original 40 dispensaries. Designed for failure lurks in the inexperienced advisory committee and the three governing boards lost for direction. The typical business plan failure of supply and demand. Plenty of supply Ohio will have as it does now, demand will be the determining factor to it’s success.

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