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This Marijuana Dinner Party Is Thriving in Colorado

BOULDER, Colo. — The smooth rhythms of jazz reverberate across a crowded warehouse. Modern art and white string lights decorate plywood walls. Men in suits take long drags from tightly rolled joints in between spoonfuls of royal red shrimp ceviche.

This is the future of recreational marijuana in America and it’s beginning in Colorado.

Mason Jar Events — known for throwing the “swankiest marijuana parties in America” — is behind the burgeoning marijuana dinner party where different types of cannabis are paired with each course like a wine or craft beer. Award-winning chefs cook up farm-to-table fare and serve it on sprawling wooden tables with elaborate floral center pieces, colorful water goblets and plenty of small glass pipes packed with single hits of marijuana. Prim men in black blazers run a “dab station” where they prepare ultra-pure, cannabis oil hits for guests waiting in line. Young and old from all walks of life attend the seasonal dinner, known for bringing sophistication and luxury to a culture mired with negative stereotypes.

Stephanie Byer, an ex-New Yorker who worked in the city for 15 years, was at Mason Jars’ “Winter” dinner at the end of January. She ditched the city back in 2015 for Colorado’s cannabis scene and hasn’t looked back since. [Read more at New York Post]

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