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Hawaii Legislatures Introduce Several Marijuana Bills Including Recreational Use

Hawaii residents eventually might be able to use marijuana recreationally, and patients could be allowed to purchase it from legally formed collectives.

Those are among more than a dozen bills being vetted in the state Legislature related to marijuana and marijuana dispensaries.

State Sen. Russell Ruderman, D-Puna, is among several lawmakers this year proposing measures to legalize the drug for residents older than 21. One of Ruderman’s bills would allow counties to choose whether to adopt ordinances to legalize marijuana for cultivation, possession, sales and transportation for personal, medicinal or commercial use.

The idea is to allow counties “to do what they want,” Ruderman said Monday. He said other states passed similar laws and “the sky hasn’t fallen in any of them.”

The measure has “a shot” at passing, he added.

“Some of my colleagues say we’ll be surprised, so I hope they’re right,” Ruderman said. “The nation is changing quickly on (this) subject.”

Ruderman and House counterpart Joy San Buenaventura, D-Puna, also are proposing legislation to establish state-regulated collectives — a system that would allow patients with excess marijuana to sell it to other collective members for a “nominal fee.” [Read more at Hawaii Tribune-Herald]

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