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American Band Combines Hash and Vinyl to Cut $7000 ‘Smokeable’ Record

These are glory days for aging hipsters: The availability of both limited-edition vinyl releases and bespoke strains of weed may be greater than ever. Vinyl sales are at a 28-year high in the United States, and cannabis is legally available for medical and/or recreational use in 28 states. Which, perhaps, made inevitable the arrival of the first known record pressed from hash.

“It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” says Jon Phillips of Silverback Music, the team that made the LP and manages the stalwart jam band Slightly Stoopid. “Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that’s how we feel about hashish, too.”

The nostalgia trip wasn’t cheap: Each of two prototypes was made using $6,000 worth of bubble hash (a super resinous variety that bubbles when ignited), which cost an additional $1,000 to stamp and master at Los Angeles vinyl-mastering studio Capsule Labs (engineer Gil Tamazyan collaborated). [Read more at Billboard]

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