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Adherence Compliance Announces Integration with BioTrackTHC™ BT Command Center


Adherence Compliance, the industry leader in automated compliance management software, announced the availability of its Compliance Dashboard via BioTrackTHC™’s BT Command Center, which is currently in beta. The compliance data is made available via an API data integration with BioTrackTHC™, the global leader in cannabis traceability software.

The compliance data integration for BT Command Center is the cannabis industry’s first fully integrated view into cannabis traceability and compliance management. The dashboard contains risk assessment scores and statistics along with links to Adherence’s detailed compliance reports.

The compliance data is generated by the Adherence SCORE App, the cannabis industry’s first compliance management software available on the Apple App Store. The SCORE App evaluates hundreds of compliance requirements at federal, state, county and city levels.

“Not only can you be assured your inventory and revenue are compliant with BioTrackTHC™, clients and partners now have access to compliance scores, reports and statistics to further monitor and protect their business. License owners and operators need real-time access to relevant compliance statistics and scores. Compliance and inventory traceability are key to survival in the marijuana industry,” said Moe Afaneh, Chief Operating Officer of BioTrackTHC™.

“This is the first integration of its kind and we are thrilled to expand our partnership with BioTrackTHC™, the market leader in marijuana traceability software. The integration provides an out-of-the-box automated compliance solution for more than 2,000 clients and partners,” said Steve Owens, CEO of Adherence Compliance.

The data integration partnership will extend into other areas of cannabis compliance in the near future, including a regulatory search portal, most common infractions, average scores by cities and counties and more in the coming months.

About BioTrackTHC™
BioTrackTHC™™ develops and provides effective cutting-edge technology solutions for the emerging medical and adult-use cannabis industry. BioTrackTHC™™’s seed-to-sale traceability system has been awarded seven government cannabis tracking contracts for cannabis industry oversight and is currently being utilized or in the process of being implemented by the states of Washington, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the City of Arcata, California. Visit www.biotrack.comfor more information, email [email protected] or call 1-800-797-4711.

BioTrackTHC Media Inquiries

Cynthia Salarizadeh
Salar Communications Group
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About Adherence Compliance

Adherence Compliance is the global leader in cannabis compliance software and services. The Adherence SCORE App offers 10 compliance risk assessment types for marijuana businesses. Know your risk today. Adherence software supports owner/operators, regulatory agencies, attorneys, CPAs, banking and insurance providers, lessors and other stakeholders of cannabis operational risk. For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 720-616-3900.

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