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Can Gary Johnson’s Stance on Legalization Help Him This November?

Will Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson‘s bid for the White House go up in smoke?

Conditions are ripe for the rise of a candidate like the former New Mexico governor, who is attempting to appeal to disaffected voters by highlighting his record as a socially liberal yet fiscally conservative two-term Republican in a reliably blue state.

Both major party candidates have historically high negative ratings, and the Libertarian ticket might make the ballot in all 50 states. As Republican nominee Donald Trump sinks in the polls, dozens of prominent GOPers have indicated they’ll direct their vote elsewhere.

Why, then, has Johnson struggled to attract more high-profile Republican support?

In part, Johnson’s positions on marijuana use and legalization seem to be playing a role. Not only is Johnson the only viable remaining candidate in favor of legalizing the drug, but he has admitted to using it in the recent past. [Read more at NBC News]

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