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Plant Seeds Of Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Industry Now
 Investors jumping in during the Canadian cannabis industry’s early days may find themselves wishing they’d waited a bit, as the current model for building a domestic industry is not sustainable. The same is true for U.S. operations.

While likely unpopular, I issue this caution because the current approach to cannabis cultivation in Canada — and most U.S. states, for that matter — is based on a narrowly limited, unrealistic view of global realities, not the least of which are the inherently challenging aspects of growing in northern climates, the cost to the environment of fighting Mother Nature and the burgeoning international demand for cannabis.

Canada’s medical — and soon-to-be recreational — cannabis industry is based on cultivation in expensively constructed secure indoor environments, with artificially created environmental conditions and a sterile environment supposedly necessary to yield a final product that is of acceptably high quality. Yet as renowned growing gurus like Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes argue, while sterile conditions are needed for cloning or tissue culture labs, cannabis grows perfectly well or even better outdoors, in its natural environment. [Read More @ Huffington Post]

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