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Many Excited For The Future Of Cannabis At This Year’s DNC

PHILADELPHIA – The Democratic Party is poised to put marijuana on its party platform for the first time in history and pro-legalization groups and some members of Congress are overjoyed.

“This is the year that this issue crests. I’ve been working on it a long time,” said Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who has been a vocal supporter for marijuana reform for years. “We’ve had six pro-cannabis votes on the floor of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives [this year], so I’m optimistic.”

Marijuana lobbies and members of Congress who have supported marijuana reform and legalization for decades are now seeing the issue morph from what once was considered a fringe idea, to a national issue that now has 61 percent of public support for legalization — 70 percent of Democrats support legalization. [Read more at NBC26]

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