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Nevada Trying to Make It Easier For Patients to Get Medical Marijuana

Instead of waiting as long as three months for access to medical marijuana dispensaries, prospective Nevada patients can now be approved on the same day thanks to a new Las Vegas-based Division of Public and Behavioral Health office. For medical marijuana officials, that’s a step in the right direction to establishing a healthy and safe medical marijuana industry.

The office opened last week on 2300 W. Sahara Ave in partnership with the Nevada Dispensary Association — a group of over 60 dispensary owners in Nevada — and allows up to 25 patients to apply in-person for their medical marijuana cards daily instead of sending their applications to Carson City.

The administrative improvement transpired after about six months of conversation between the dispensary association and state officials, said Riana Durrett, the association’s executive director.

“We wondered why it was taking so long and what we could do to help with the industry,” Durrett said. “Patients should be able to get medicine, either at the office or online.” [Read more at the Las Vegas Sun]

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