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New State Requirements May Limit Oregon’s Marijuana Extract Industry

The Oregon Health Authority on Tuesday warned Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries not to accept cannabis extracts, like butane hash oil, from unlicensed processors.

The health authority won’t launch its licensing process for extract makers until next month, a delay likely to disrupt the marijuana processing industry, which churns out popular butane hash oil, or BHO, and CO2 oil for the medical market.

Already, Bend-based Lunchbox Alchemy, which makes BHO, has halted production. The company’s products are sold in 220 dispensaries statewide.

For now, extracts may be sold only to medical marijuana patients and their caregivers. A bill awaiting the governor’s signature would allow anyone 21 and older to buy extracts under Oregon’s so-called early sales program. [Read more at the Portland Oregonian]

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