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Cannabis Cup Now Moving 2016 Event From Colorado to California

High Times magazine’s flagship event, the U.S. Cannabis Cup, is relocating from Colorado to California next month, The Cannabist has learned.

Colorado’s first-of-its-kind marijuana laws allowed the event to grow into the largest High Times Cannabis Cup in the world, drawing up to 35,000 visitors each day in April 2015 at the Denver Mart in Adams County. But after Adams County commissioners last month rejected High Times’ permit for this year’s U.S. Cannabis Cup, organizers announced a tentative move about 100 miles south to Pueblo — where the Cup ran into more regulatory issues and concerns over timing.

After the multiple clashes with county governments in Colorado, High Times decided to relocate the event to the National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino, Calif., for April 15-17, a High Times representative confirmed to The Cannabist. The venue recently wrapped a two-weekend run for the the SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup earlier this year.

The Cannabist obtained an e-mail allegedly sent by a High Times staffer to businesses that had purchased exhibition space at the U.S. Cannabis Cup that spelled out the event’s move — and its intentions to expand an affiliated and already scheduled Colorado concert to include an award ceremony. [Read more at The Cannabist at The Denver Post]

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