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Iowa Legislative Committee Approves Limited Use of Medical Marijuana

A committee in the Iowa House has voted to legalize the limited growth of marijuana in Iowa for distribution as medicine to treat three conditions: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and end-stage cancer. It’s a scaled back version of legislation that was considered in the Iowa Senate last year.

Republican Representative Zach Nunn of Bondurant urged his colleagues to “keep an open mind” about the changes. “I’ve been incredibly impressed by both Democrats and Republicans for being able to bring this issue forward,” Nunn said, “…to be able to focus it in a way that can be both meaningful and impactful and face the reality of being able to move it forward in both chambers.”

The bill passed the House Commerce Committee by a wide, bipartisan margin. The vote was 17 in favor and six opposed and it’s now eligible for debate in the 100-member House, although the speaker of the House has indicated the state should let federal officials decide the issue first. [Read more at Radio Iowa]

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