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Colorado Regulators Holding Marijuana Due to Pesticide Worries

Colorado marijuana regulators announced Friday they have put a large but undisclosed number of plants and products on hold from two cultivation facilities in Colorado Springs over concerns they were treated with unapproved pesticides.

The health-and-safety advisory by the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division is the first use of an executive order issued in November by Gov. John Hickenlooper declaring pesticide-laden pot a “public safety risk.”

Though Denver health officials have issued several recalls and health advisories about pesticide-tainted pot, this is the first similar move by state officials.

Plants from Dr. Releaf Inc. and High Mountain Medz were placed on administrative hold pending an investigation, the division said.

High Mountain operates as Levity Wellness.

Each location has plants and products that include dozens of strains of marijuana grown since at least August 2015, officials said. [Read more at The Denver Post]

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